We Invest, Buy, Build & Advise  Simple, Profitable Businesses. 

and host a community to help others do the same.

We are designed for bootstrapping entrepreneurs, which we fondly call investopreneurs, who are not a great fit for traditional venture capital and who need a little friendly support, or maybe some liquidity with either full or partial buyouts.

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We Like to Buy Simple Businesses That.

Have paying customers with a functional product in market.

Have been operating for min 3 - 24+ months with metrics.

A clear picture of WHY the founder(s) want to do a deal & exit.

How Our Process Typically Works.

1. Hang Out & Get To Know Us

Join our community or apply to be apart of our micro-accelerator and we will work with you for 4-weeks for free to get you structure & a strategy that will get you to a LOI.

2. Co-Build Profitably Together

Unlike other firms who treat you like a transaction, we see you as a relationship we want to keep for life. Lets work together on simple terms that make sense.

3. Simple & Friendly Acquisition Terms

When the time comes to execute the acquisition, we'll all be on the same page having co-built the deal together for the most founder friendly process you'll ever hear of.

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We do our best to post videos that share our journey building, buying and selling businesses. This way you can get to know us passively before deciding to jump into the free community to hangout!

Following Our WHY.

Better Structure


Better Strategies


Better Profitability


Need Help Building?

We've opened up our structures, strategies & frameworks to everyone in our community of gritty bootstrappers.

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