We Buy Simple, Bootstrapped Businesses.

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We Like to Buy Simple Businesses That.

Have paying customers with a functional product in market.

Have been operating for min 3 - 24+ months with metrics.

A clear picture of WHY the founder(s) want to do a deal & exit.

changing the game for

or who we like to very fondly like to refer to as INVESTOPRENEURS.

with venture for
the rest of us.

Never before has there been this much commitment and this much support dedicated to this class of entrepreneur.

As bootstrappers ourselves, we have meticulously crafted the entire experience to support your journey to build a simple, profitable business.

End of the day, our goals are 100% aligned because if everything goes to plan, then we hope to you will sell your business to us!

We get what it is like to do the hard work first, show up every day and still get looked down on by traditional venture capital.

You're built differently, and so is the experience we have created to help you on your journey!







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Simple, profitable businesses
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