Simple Profits Operating System

September 16, 2022

The Simple Profit Operating System was designed to help you achieve simple profitable outcomes, turning your business into an asset.

We will show you how to use it, duplicate it, and make it your own. As we walk through it, we will discuss why we are doing it and then teach you how to move it forward.

Access your Simple Profits Operating System here.

If you're on this screen, you should have access to the link. It says, “make a duplicate.” When you do it, it duplicates everything we built for you. 

The best thing about the Simple Profits OS is that it is built in Notion. This means it is super flexible - and is one of the big reasons we did it. Now you have your own in your Notion account. 

It’s also bootstrapper friendly. It’s all about getting simple profitable outcomes. As bootstrappers, we are very budget conscious. We are not looking to add another expense for you. 

The Simple Profits OS is within the free Notion account. It is flexible, and you will make it your own over time. 

If you are not already, you should be a part of the community. 

Once you are in the community, you can attend workshops we host weekly. The workshops teach, train, and equip you to use the Simple Profits Operating System.

How do you get value fast? 

It's all about utilizing and adapting to implement your business's operating system.

Simplify things. 

Simple is not easy; less is more. You want to simplify things to get to profitable outcomes. 

We want to offer you the structure, strategy, and accountabilities, to get to those simple profitable outcomes. 

Now that you have duplicated the Simple Profits OS, what we are going to do is work through the business model. We are going to build a lean canvas with you. 

We have created this blog that will explore building a lean canvas. 

In Simple Profits OS, everything is super dynamic. 

Everything that you see on the main screen is interactive. There is a database, over a database, with each one focused on something specific. 

The operating system has been designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be inside your business.


We built this for ourselves with many different kinds of playbooks. 

We are working on our goal of acquiring 100 companies a year - every year- for the next ten years. This is the operating system that we implement.

That is also why we want you to do it inside our community, because, hopefully, we will acquire your business. If you already have this operating system, it takes a lot of the blocking and tackling out of the way.

A business operating system turns your business from a job into an asset. It puts you in a position where you know what needs to be done- the what, why, how, who, when, and the roles and responsibilities. 

You know how things are happening inside your business, how things are taking place, the strategies, and how the financials look. It's about driving towards profitability - knowing what the inputs need to be, how to maximize the output - and ultimately getting to simple profits.

We implement business operating systems because when we acquire a business, an operating partner gets put into place to run it. We can get aligned as to what the company is - fast. Everything in one place, which is also customizable, makes things very simple.

We get pretty clear about our goals and our objectives. We know what the company is all about and where our value propositions are. We can set and cascade out the OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) for the organization and what we expect from that company, the team, and the assets.

This creates clear alignments for who is doing what, when, and how, and the cost basis. We also have strategies to approach them so that everyone reads from the same cookbook. 

In other words, we all have the same music sheet because it’s standardized and structuralized. It’s simple.

That standardization carries forward into how the organization is managed from a financial perspective. 

You are on top of your numbers, how you are operating, and the expenditures that are going out. Over time you can optimize the organization. 

You are making sure you are capital efficient - you can position yourself and pitch yourself in the market - to either investors or partners. 

You can also have tight marketing, where you know your customer personas and how to acquire more customers. The cheaper you can drive customer acquisition, the better your ultimate margins will be. 

Then you will have an existing database of who your customers are! 

We designed this to go from a top-down 20,000-foot view to a granular everyday operating system. The Simple Profits OS is intended for bootstrappers who are just getting started, as-well-as eight-figure businesses doing $50m a year trying to streamline their organization to maximize their value in the market or get to a liquidity event or something of that nature. 

We may find ourselves in a situation where we no longer need some of these things, right? 

It all gets covered here.

If your business is a little bit more mature, you may find some of these things you no longer need. If so, you simply drag it over and archive it, which takes it out of the structure but stores it for safekeeping.

There are some things here; for example- we don’t break down departments, roles, and functions by departments. However, that's very simple to duplicate from other tabs. Then you can separate it into HR, marketing, sales, technology, IT, etc. 

You could have more of a department-based approach because it’s super flexible, and you have freedom. It is adaptable and evolvable. 

There are a lot of frameworks inside of the Simple Profits OS as well. We break the categories down by stage of the organization; each has a walk-through that allows you to have a framework to build from.

We give it all to you so you can just take the Simple Profits OS out of the box and put it to work inside your business. 

You will have an operating system that gets you to simple profitability. 

Once you get access to any of the things inside the bootstrapper environment or ecosystem (by purchasing any of our templates, products, or services) - you’ll get access to all of them! 

This includes the workshops we host inside the community that teaches, train, and equip you on how to adapt, utilize, and evolve these principles to optimize your experience over time. 

One of the tools you will have access to in the operating system is the lean canvas template. 

In this blog, we walk you through it. You can also join us in our Bootstrapper Bootcamp that we host each week, where we show how we created our lean canvas.

You will have the exact process we follow when we get inside a business that's a $100m growth organization, and we are being hired as strategic advisors. We follow the same approach. 

We took exactly what we do inside our portfolio and our firm; we are now opening it up and making it available to everyone. Regardless of budget, so, there are no constraints. 

We want to create accessibility, allowing more people to access this information.

You will go through the process as a portfolio or advisory client. We will do it with you. 

Once you finish this, you will have everything you need. You can start attending workshops where we will teach, train, and equip you to implement the Simple Profits OS inside your business.

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