Apply For Performance Based Capital & Become
a Portfolio Company

  • We will agree on a price to acquire you for, typically well above market, to set a simple goal upfront.
  • We will make an investment into your business with the goal of growing it into the acquisition.
  • We will then partner with you to grow your business around that goal.

We look to have meaningful conversations, connections and relationships with every single investopreneur who is interested in joining our ecosystem.

If everything works out after we speak, then you can expect a long-term, perfectly aligned partner, and a relationship we can all take pride in.

How Performance Based Capital Works

apply and speak.

get capital.

partner & grow.

On your call ask about your $FREE, access to our Simple Profits Operating System.

Step 1. Apply Via Secure Portal

Submit an application and we will most likely agree to make a 'ridiculously small' investment in your business, designed specifically for bootstrappers.

Because of hyper unique structure, we are designed to accept most applications regardless of your stage, traction or other criteria that often times disqualifies investopreneur from traditional sources of capital.

We are proud to have created a super friendly (and flexible) investment structure truly for bootstrappers by bootstrappers.

Step 2. Connect Your Bank & Get Access To Capital

If you like what we have to offer and see the benefits of becoming a Bootstrapper Capital Portfolio Company, then we will start things off with a very small micro-investment in your business.

The relatively small size of the investment helps us reduce (virtually remove) the risk for both your team and ours, so we can start working together as quickly as possible.

With this investment comes the goal of building your business to achieve certain milestones that will afford us the opportunity to be repaid over a variable period of time, while we work together to build you a simple, profitable business.

Step 3. We Support You as a Portfolio Company & You Pay Us Back Based on Variable Performance as Your Business Grows

Unlike traditional investment firms, we do not take on any equity in your business, so you retain full control. Instead, we look to align into the performance of your customer acquisition, revenue and operations & only take a small percentage of your upside as repayment.

We've specifically designed our investment for bootstrappers, and unlike debt do not put the heavy burden of a fixed, scheduled repayment. We are 100% aligned and partnered with you from the beginning with hopes that we can also acquire your business or become a larger capital partner in the future!

There is really nothing else quite like us.

See how we compare.

We are not an accelerator fund.

We are not a venture firm.

We are not a community.

We are not a course.

We are not traditional private equity.

We are a combination of them all resulting in something entirely different & uniquely special.

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Partner With You To Profit
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Designed For Bootstrappers

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